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Leading the Way in Specialised Security

At Stallion Specialised Solutions, we pride ourselves on our expertise and dedication to handling high-risk security situations with precision and care. Our comprehensive services include strike and crowd control, tactical teams, close protection, high-value escorts, medical services, event management, and specialised training. Each service is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring their safety and security in any situation.


Our team’s proficiency begins with rigorous training and qualifications tailored to their roles. For example, our strike and crowd control operatives must have PSIRA qualifications and undergo regular in-house training to stay current with the latest tactics and legislation. Tactical team members require comprehensive firearms training and continuous skill development. Close protection officers and executive drivers must have certified CPO training, advanced driving skills, first aid, and basic firefighting qualifications, with many coming from elite units like Special Forces.


Leadership by example is a cornerstone of our operations. Managed by an Ex-SAPS Lieutenant-Colonel with 35 years of experience, our team is carefully selected, vetted, and continuously trained. The manager’s personal involvement in every deployment ensures that the right personnel and resources are always on hand, tailored to each client’s unique needs.


Our track record speaks volumes about our effectiveness. During the 2023 Ride Joburg 947 cycle race, we ensured event safety, demonstrating our expertise in risk management. In the 2021 national looting spree, our team protected client properties and staff, highlighting our capability in crisis situations. Over the past decade, we have been pivotal in managing several national and local strikes, reinforcing our reputation for reliability and efficiency.


Equipped with the latest PPE and a wide array of weaponry, our operatives are ready for any scenario. For strike actions and crowd control, we use shields, batons, paintball guns, non-lethal sonic weapons, pepper grenades and, as a last resort, shotguns with rubber rounds. Our Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) are fitted with advanced CCTV systems, and officers are issued bodycams to record events in real-time. We also utilise helicopters, drones, and our in-house developed Fusion Track units for communication and tracking.


Handling high-risk situations like strikes or VIP protection starts with thorough information gathering and risk assessments. Our internal Intelligence Unit works closely with law enforcement and other agencies to stay informed about local and national threats. Clients are involved in the planning process, which includes site visits, route planning, and dry runs to ensure readiness. Our force escalation procedure prioritises safety, using minimal force to handle situations effectively.


Our strategic partnerships enhance our capabilities. Collaborations with subject experts and technology leaders, along with long-standing relationships with independent contractors, provide us with the specialised skills and equipment needed for complex operations. These partnerships have been invaluable in maintaining our position as industry leaders.


What sets Stallion Specialised Solutions apart is our blend of comprehensive service and personal management involvement. The manager oversees every deployment, from planning and risk assessments to resource allocation and on-the-ground presence, ensuring effective service delivery. Post-deployment evaluations help us continuously improve, adapting to meet and exceed client expectations.


Safety is always our top priority. Pre-deployment risk assessments involve the client, and deployment plans are meticulously crafted and agreed upon. Highly qualified team leaders manage personnel, ensuring desired outcomes. Operatives are regularly upskilled in self-defense, PPE use, weapons handling, and relevant legislation, ensuring they are prepared for any scenario. Escape plans prioritise life over property, reflecting our commitment to safety.


Join us at Securex to learn more about how Stallion Specialised Solutions is leading the way in specialised security, providing unmatched expertise and innovative solutions to keep you safe and secure.

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