What's New

What's NEW

Stuck in a sometimes windowless space for 12 hours daily may sound like torture to many, but it’s the given working environment for hundreds of surveillance control room operators countrywide.

Video Camera
Night Vision Infrared Illuminators
PIR Motion Sensor
CORDLESS with a 4 year battery life
Detect False Alarms

Links to the online OB, only once the task has been actioned and completed, will it close the entry off
Cloud based, integrates with Google apps
Data protected by Google’s server

On 27 July, Stallion Security hosted its second annual technology day at the Da Vinci Hotel in Sandton to give its clients insight into some of the latest and greatest products and solutions available in the security market

Live video and audio streaming 24/7
Docking station in the onsite Control Room
User code issued to each allocated user
Full audit trail of the unit
Built-in GPS tracking

Security News

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The 2018 Campus Protection Society of Southern Africa (Camprosa) conference was well supported and once again improved upon previous conferences.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions looks at TAPA’s FSR (Facility Security Requirements) standards, which cover best practices for securing assets in storage.

Active Track adds artificial intelligence to its people-tracking solution to transform it into an effective, streamlined management application.