Truth Verification

As part of our investigation process and information gathering, our Polygraph expert use polygraph examination results as an investigative tool to ensure that the truth is revealed.

Our Polygraph examiner was trained by an American Polygraph Association (APA) accredited training school. He is a member in good standing with the APA and with the South African Professional Polygraph Association (SAPPA). The head of the Investigations Unit was a SAPPA Board member for 4 years with 21 years of experience in Polygraph and Investigations. He is also a legally appointed Commissioner of Oaths.

The Stallion Security Polygraph Examiner are trained to conduct the following type of polygraph examinations:
Incident Specific Tests
Pre-employment Tests
Periodical / Screening type Tests, and
Sex offender type Tests.

The Quality Control function presented by the South African Professional Polygraph Association (SAPPA) assists in ensuring that the examiner adheres to the minimum requirements of the Association relating to Code of ethics and code of standards being followed. This includes but is not limited to regularly updating software, conducting functionality testing of equipment and the audio visual recording of polygraph tests.