Good Afternoon Management, On behalf of Mooikloof staff and myself, I would like to thank Selina Lepako for her great and excellent work done to assist us in finalising the new roster which were under difficult circumstances with new SC’s and old SC’s, staff dismissed, staff rotated and relievers arranged. We are a GREAT TEAM IN MAKING Stallion an effective and 100/0 philosophy company! Great job and thank you

Johan Hough

Mooikloof Ridge Estate

Good afternoon Martin, This is just a short note to say we appreciate and thank you for the service rendered during the difficult time of the NATIONAL LOCKDOWN We do acknowledge your firm and professional involvement where you were needed the most Keep doing the good work

Hendrick Mbetse

Manager | EIE Group

Afternoon All, Just want to comment on the passion that Mr Takadu showed for his client during this incident, bearing in mind it was the first time we officially met. The professional manner of how he handled his conduct and his employees, and the situation was truly amazing. I am looking forward to a relaxed and seamless working relationship with Mr Thakadu. Once again, I want to extend my outmost gratitude for the service and a good working relationship with Mr. Frans.


Manager | Nike

Hi Brad / Roy, Hope you are well. I would like to take this opportunity to shout out a great Thank You and compliment for Greg van Tonder’s professional and consistent service that he delivers to CVOP. He is a very supportive manager and constantly does follow ups, during this COVID-19 pandemic. I must add that he regularly sends useful updates of what is transpiring on site and off site. Stallion can be very proud of Greg

John Lisher

Standard Bank

Dear Stallion Team, EXCOM have discussed and would like to express their appreciation for the level of commitment Mr Hough has shown to managing MKR Estate on a day-to-day basis. MKR Estate and its environment presents many challenging aspects that in itself can be difficult to manage, and during COVID-19 times, this is even more of a challenge. Johan has embraced all challenges well, he has provided good insights and recommendations, implemented projects and training guards into the late evening, and embracing other projects like Online Intelligence. Good effort has been shown in the presentation of statistics from contraventions to infrastructure of the HOA and on-site presence, sometimes in excess of 12 hours. Let us keep up the good work and in saying this, we need to caution ourselves against burn-out and being overworked. Many of these good actions, are not achieved with minimum effort, but rather going the extra mile, and working the extended hours, which has been evident. Therefore, EXCOM hereby requests that Mr Hough take-off (no leave required) the following afternoons, from 12hoo on the 20 May 2020 and 27 May 2020, and switch off your phone (unfortunately – your emergency mobile will need to be available for emergencies – blame the industry not me), unclutter the mind, and invest in special time with the family. Lastly, special thanks to Mr Wethmar and Mr Alberts for your support and insights and commitment to your Security Manager and the MKR Estate and its members. On behalf of EXCOM, thank you

David Fernandes

Mooikloof Ridge Estate

Hi Steven, Upon returning to work with Level 4 requirements we have had to implement a lot of regulation in line with Government requirements. We have requested from Themba to change certain daily routines and he has done and made sure it is adhered to. The part I really appreciate is I do not have to micromanage or even follow up to make sure it is done which takes huge weight off my shoulders. He is also informative to a point where he has found an issue and came up with a solution and basically telling me this has happened, but I did this. Themba is a true asset and I feel he carries your 100/0 value to heart. As for Mangoba, he has also been fantastic, he has been in contract frequently and actioned changes to the site complement quickly and effectively. Also updated me with offerings and services that Stallion can assist with. Thank you to you and your team in this trying period we in and navigating through.

Kevin Strydom