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24-hour monitoring

The control room is a 24/7 operation with the appropriate back-up facilities in place to ensure uninterrupted surveillance. Monitoring is event based with scheduled patrols. It offers dedicated bandwidth and fail-over facility with full business continuity.

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Crime prevention

By observing suspicious behavior, with a rule based implementation of Artificial Intelligence, in turn alerting the relevant outsourced reaction companies, criminal activity can be deterred and even prevented.

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Artificial Intelligence

Program design allowing for predetermined virtual barriers and suspicious behaviors that triggers alarms.

Stallion Remote Site monitoring

Our RSM has both commercial and residential capabilities, monitoring an existing system is possible too,even though It may require deployment of Stallion’s smart box. In most cases however, we have been able to successfully integrate the existing system . Alternatively, a strategically planned system could be installed by our inhouse technical teams. Once the surveillance system and connectivity is live, monitoring is immediate and proactive.

RSM is popular as it allows us to partially or totally removes the human factor and inevitable risk from your security strategy. It enables us to place surveillance in multiple locations and monitoring simultaneously. The result is a proactive system with scope to automate information and observe potential criminal activity in the most financial sensible way.


Reporting: SOP’s and Client specific reports are tailor made to suit each clients’ unique requirements

VMS server technology: System response at control room level allowing for multiple camera and site surveillance simultaneously

Smart Phone Software: App technology providing the capabilities to personally observe all monitored cameras

Service & Maintenance

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our installations. Every effort is made to ensure that the system gives the client years of hassle-free operation. We have maintenance personnel that are on standby 24 hours a day and we offer a variety of comprehensive maintenance plans for the electronic systems supplied by us.

Quality Control

We are a corporate member of SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Service Association) and this ensures that the highest standard of equipment and installations are upheld. The association randomly checks on installations undertaken by Stallion Electronics.

Enter Stallion’s artificial intelligence (AI).

Systems deployed to Stallion’s clients encompass Artificial Intelligence(AI). These solutions that employ AI technology can highlight the 1 to 2% of video surveillance events that actually need attention, and this is achieved automatically from the client’s site.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables software to take incoming data, analyse it against the rule-based algorithms, making the detection and communication of anomalies easier and responsiveness more comprehensive. These tools that automate situational awareness and integrate platforms, allow Stallion’s operators more time and accurate information upon which they can base their decisions thereby only displaying the relevant video data that requires processing for increased situational awareness.

This in turns offers efficiency of despatching armed response, attending to the client’s SOP’s and attending to the situation.

Evolve with us and let Stallion lead you into the world of Artificial Intelligence.