Stallion Retail prides itself in being an independent Specialised Unit within the Guarding Division.

We have opted to keep it Independent, in view of the highly specialised nature of the service provided, so that we can add value to our Retail Clients, in the following manner:

Entering into partnership with our Clients:
Through the formulation of dedicated Service Level Agreements (SLA), regular Weekly Meetings and Monthly Scorecards, we enter into a partnership with our clients and in this way build solid relationships, with them knowing that we are only a phone call away.

Dedicated Management Team:
Our Team of Retail Managers come from the Retail Security Industry and understand the dynamics of the retail environment. They display the required commitment and professionalism and provide incomparable service.
Unlike the norm we keep the size of their areas small to allow them sufficient time to add value to the clients business.

Frequent Store Evaluations:

Monthly Store Audits and Red Flag Inspections are conducted to identify any shortcomings or non-compliance with procedures, so that these can receive priority attention.
Findings are discussed with the client and recommendations are proposed .

Proactive Systems to Identify Trends:

By means of the Store Audits, Red Flag Inspections, Monthly Reports, Arrest & Prevention Feedback as well as
Shrinkage Analysis conducted, we are able to identify trends and introduce proactive systems in order to counter risk.

Risk Assessments:

Stallion Retail Division will act as a consultant and conduct detailed risk assessments as part of an overall security plan to identify and implement solutions , wherever  high risk and shrinkage is identified.

Actively Involved in Shrinkage & Loss Prevention Programmes:

Our Management team are actively involved with clients who are experiencing shrinkage, by means of attending monthly or weekly shrinkage meetings, where trends are identified, counter measures are recommended and these are then introduced.

Shrinkage Analysis:

On receipt of the stock take results, we conduct an in-depth analysis to identify the Top Shrinkage departments and Top Shrinkage lines per department. This is then utilised to identify the value lost per department, as well as the value and units lost per department line. From this a Hotspot Plan can be prepared, that clearly indicates where the client is being targeted so that counter measures can be appropriately implemented.

Shrinkage Action Plans tailored to the clients’ specific requirements:

From the Shrinkage Analysis and Hotspot areas identified, a Detailed Shrinkage Action Plan is prepared that clearly identifies the issues of concern, action to be taken, the responsible person, completion date, review and feedback dates required. This is then further utilised at the shrinkage meetings, to ensure that the desired results are achieved and adjustments made.

Pre-employment polygraphing of all Retail employees:

All Retail Officers are subject to a pre-employment polygraph to ensure that their integrity is beyond reproach. In addition, random polygraphs are conducted of our existing employees, to ensure that they have not succumbed to dishonest practices. When required we also conduct incident specific polygraphs, where there may be a suspicion of any Stallion employee’s involvement in unacceptable conduct.

Covert Investigation capabilities:

We use Covert Investigators who are placed amongst the client’s workforce, to assess and report on specifics communicated in the client’s briefing to us. We also place Covert Investigators amongst the guard force, so that valuable information can be obtained on our employee’s activities, conduct and relationships with client
employees and suppliers.

Electronic systems including Covert CCTV systems:

Stallion can provide and maintain various types of electronic equipment, including Covert CCTV Systems that can aid in the prevention of shrinkage and the monitoring of suspicious employee activities within the retail environment.