Property Services is now a trusted name in the provision of precinct security.

When it comes to precincts and the unique and sometimes challenging security requirements each precinct
demands, our approach is solution driven. We are a firm believer of integrated security solutions and understand the importance of assessing each precinct as a unique entity, with it’s own diverse culture, risks and threats.
The end goal is to deliver quality security officers and a cost-effective result.

The extensive knowledge and experience within our organisation makes it possible for us to add value to our precinct customers.

The diversity of any precinct demands a multi-faceted service provider to address and oversee the full spectrum of security requirements, with adequate flexibility, resources and operational support to ensure that the correct look-and-feel is achieved. Stallion Security Property Services can convert promises into action and take precinct security to a whole new level.

Identifying and placing the right people for the job is key to the success of any precinct contract.

Having dedicated duty managers as well as the right tools for the job on hand, is absolutely essential. Dedicated tactical response manned vehicles, contracts managers, precinct trained security personnel and adequate
communication equipment, together with state of the art technology systems, can go a long way in creating a safe and secure environment where patrons, visitors and tenants feel that their safety and security are top priority.