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MSHEQ is leading the way in Health and Safety Technology

As we prepare for the Securex Show, M-SHEQ, A Stallion Integrated Solutions Company, is proud to showcase our innovative approach to workplace safety, led by our all-women team and pioneering Virtual Reality (VR) training.

In a world where employee safety is paramount, M-SHEQ stands out by integrating proactive health and safety practices into the very core of organizations. Our mission is simple yet profound: to protect employees, the most valuable assets of any business, through expert guidance and cutting-edge technology.

At M-SHEQ, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to promote workplace health and safety. Our training programs feature over 20 accredited courses available both in-person and online. Our trainers are not only experts but also skilled at delivering engaging, interactive content that ensures better knowledge retention.

What truly sets us apart is our all-female team, a rarity in the occupational health and safety (OHS) industry. Our team brings a unique perspective and unwavering dedication to sectors such as mining, construction, farming, and government. We provide services ranging from developing safety management systems and implementing ISO standards to creating complete, site-specific safety files and conducting legal compliance and GAP audits. Our commitment to food safety ensures that our clients maintain safe, injury-free workplaces that consistently produce safe-to-eat food while minimizing environmental impact.

Innovation is at the heart of M-SHEQ. We are the first health and safety company in South Africa to offer Virtual Reality training, and we are excited to demo this at Securex. Our VR training provides immersive, real-life scenarios that significantly enhance learning and preparedness, making safety training more effective and engaging than ever before.

Ensuring compliance with local and international health and safety regulations is a cornerstone of our operations. Our skilled consultants stay updated on regulatory changes, communicate them clearly to our clients, and implement necessary adjustments while continuously up-skilling our team.

Our success stories include conducting health and safety audits for clients like Massmart, Takealot, and the Department of Transport. These audits highlight our commitment to excellence and the effectiveness of our safety initiatives.

We measure the effectiveness of our initiatives by reviewing past reports and striving for continuous improvement. Partnerships with organizations like SAIOSH and Women in Mining have been instrumental in advancing our objectives and expanding our impact.

Join us at Securex to experience first-hand how M-SHEQ is leading the way in workplace safety. Together, we can build a safer, healthier future for your most valuable asset—your people.