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creating confidence

We come to the table as a partner rather than a service provider, combining our business acumen and vision with incredible security expertise and the ability to execute quickly and efficiently. Our team is passionate and hands-on and we deliver great results. We are a company that will make you proud to have us on your sites and we live our brand promise of Creating Confidence.


Our years of experience ensure that we are a strong contender in the marketplace. The most important part of our business is our ability to correctly look after our staff which ensures that we always remain the employer of choice, this, in turn, reduces our staff turnover and our ability to retain quality, skilled Security Officers. 

As a company, we have grown organically, we are proudly South African with a Level 1 BBBEE and we hold “upliftment in our communities” in high regard. Based on the extent of crime in our country and the risks faced by our clients on a daily basis, we collaborate with various role players, such as SAPS,
Business Against Crime, Security Groups and policing forums on a national basis.

Our standard service offering

Guard to Manager ratio 1:100

Rigorous pre-employment vetting & screening

Selective & unscheduled polygraphs at our own cost

Low staff turnover

Daily on-site parades & continuous refresher training

Guard bonuses & incentives

Anti-bribery policy

Service delivery scorecard with non-conformance reports

Creating Confidence Campaign

Promotion from within

SLA with penalties

Baseline risk assessments with ongoing recommendations


What sets us apart?

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Stallion believes in a very holistic way of securing businesses. We believe guarding and technology should work hand in hand to curb external intrusion. We see the future of South African security in technology as it is so much more effective if it is used correctly.

By securing a perimeter via AI technology and monitoring the system remotely from our control room, we are able to reduce the number of guards because AI can now do the job of a physical guard.

This solution saves money and lives and drastically mitigates losses from an external threat. These systems are customized for each client in order to cater to their specific needs.   Stallion Electronics provides comprehensive cutting-edge technology integrated with manpower, offering our clients a turnkey solution. 

Our greatest promise is our after-sales service, backed by a national support and maintenance structure that includes but is not limited to:

  • 24/7 standby
  • Software support – remote diagnostics
  • On-site technical support
  • SLAs with Preventative- or Platinum maintenance options

Our technical solutions are compatible with most technology platforms already in use in the market. Through our in-house project management team, we are able to manage and work closely with our customers to offer a seamless installation solution which includes the following:

  • System design & project planning
  • Professional implementation
  • Handover and training
  • Negotiated SLA
Stallion Shoot 19

Turnkey solutions

remote site monitoring

We have a diverse fleet of vehicles, including fully armored military types which are available for a varied range of services and which further enhance our service approach.

Once in place, it is these measures that ensure optimum operating capacity when incidents occur.


We pride ourselves on incorporating security and technology. In this way we provide an expert solution which aptly combats threats in a proactive manner as opposed to only reacting to activations for assistance.

Our Rapid Armed Reaction Units comprise of officers who have been recruited and trained in a variety of safety and security courses and techniques.

Our extended teams include a level one trained Medical Officer and a Senior Supervisor who is qualified and experienced enabling him to manage in conflict situations.

Our vehicles are equipped with all the necessary tactical, medical gear and firearms which are needed in order to cope and deal with any situation.

The CCTV camera equipment is paramount in order to offer recordings of each incident. Where necessary, if members need to leave the vehicles, each person is equipped with a body-cam, which serves the same purpose.

Stallion ARU’s are able to be deployed anywhere in South Africa.

In SA where violent crime has become a way of life, it is essential to have fully trained armed security personnel who can be deployed to confront and engage in order to safeguard our client’s people and property

Strike Security


  • Our unit has fully comprehensive training, which includes responsible use of force, weaponry – lethal or otherwise, crowd control, and conflict management.

  • Highly trained personnel are available 24/7 and ready to be deployed to deal with mass action, restore order and protect company assets and personnel.

  • Whether detailed planning is in place or there is unexpected protest, our Special Operations Unit is prepared to deploy a protection team of well-trained, accountable personnel to support safety and restore order throughout.

  • Special equipment and weapons are used for crowd control.

  • Specifically designed camera systems are mounted on our armoured vehicles to support our services.

  • The recording of any labour unrest situation is invaluable and protects both the client and our unit if violence erupts.

  • Special Operations are deployed with full riot/protective equipment and are managed by specialist members who have vast experience in handling these situations.

  • Gathering intelligence and identification of the ring leader is paramount. We are confident in our ability to deliver the necessary information and provide solutions in order to diffuse potentially violent conflicts.

  • In a riot situation, armoured vehicles are used to navigate through a crowd and transport people to safety, as well as for intimidation purposes.

  • Special Operations has a fleet of armoured vehicles, all with current permits approved by the Directorate of Conventional Arms Control.


Our Armed/Unarmed Services Include

  • Airport collection
  • Dedicated corridor of safety route
  • Executive protection
  • Dignitary protection
  • Personal close protection officer
  • Foreign corporate executive protection
  • Event security for venue protection
  • Protection of high-profile sportsmen/women
  • Residential protection agents
  • Cargo / high value escorts

Forensic Investigations

  • Truth verification
  • Background investigations, vetting and profiling
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Polygraph examinations, pre-employment and incident related
  • Placing of trained undercover agents, full de-briefing weekly
  • Technical surveillance countermeasure service/de-bugging investigation
  • Special Operations have the capabilities of checking telephone lines, PABX, rooms and telephone DB boxes
  • Forensic investigations
  • Warehouse shrinkage


Intelligence Capabilities of Stallion Special Operations

  • We have the capability to gather intelligence and ensure the protection of intellectual properties
  • Capable of running comprehensive pre-employment checks on all current, potential, and existing employees
  • Criminal checks, credit checks, and ID verification
  • Pre-employment polygraphs/incident-related polygraphs
  • Advising companies to institute random polygraphs on existing personnel, ensuring the company is consistently aware of the status of all their employees regardless of their position.
  • Intellectual theft is becoming an industry in itself. We believe in proactive safeguarding against this by ensuring your company employs and retains employees with the highest levels of integrity.
  • Mobile forensics is fast becoming a cardinal element in eavesdropping and investigation, demanding expert skills and technical expertise. We encourage and educate our clients in understanding the importance of protection of trade secrets and intellectual property, through regular and intensive surveillance countermeasures.


  • Senior leadership are hands-on and involved in the day-to-day operations of the business – direct line of communication
  • 15 years of Special Operations experience and knowledge
  • Owner-driven and managed, reducing red tape and ensuring agile decision-making minimizing delays in the operational implementation
  • Large highly trained experienced workforce
  • Deploy strike teams and armored vehicles throughout South Africa & within three hours after receiving an instruction
  • Large fleet of armored vehicles able to cater to any demand
  • All vehicles fitted with the latest recording technology
  • Paleographist with 25 years of experience
  • Investigations consisting of previous SAPS Crime Investigations Department personnel
  • Monthly client evaluations with a scoring system.
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Stallion’s proactive and progressive approach sets us apart from other security companies that operate in the Mining sector.   

This allows us to offer the best possible protection for our mining clients’ valuable mining assets and equipment.   

Stallion’s comprehensive mining security services include highly trained security guards on the ground, as well as the very latest technology solutions.                              

We understand that every mine is different, which is why we create a custom mining security strategy & solution for each location.  Providing exceptional customer service is one of our cornerstone values and this extends to our highly trained mining security officers, each of whom is trained in the specific requirements for the site to which they are allocated.  Stallion Security Group has been actively serving the  Mining Industry for over 20 + years, with a proven track record that meets any clients’ mining security needs. 

Our Mining Specialists ensure that the client receives well designed solutions for their business.  We strive to optimise the protection of all assets and staff against any acts of crime or threats. This specialised division provides exceptional levels of protection whilst operating in a manner consistent with high morals and ethical standards, maintaining an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.


Stallion Building
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Stallion’s Armed Reaction Units consist of highly skilled Supervisors and armed reaction officers who are based on the mine.  These units can deploy immediately upon instruction from the onsite Mine Control Room and from our Offsite Control Room and its’ Support Centres. This is a specialized unit that usually forms part of the static security compliment on site.

Stallion Mining Security welcomes opportunities to join forces with local community Security Companies thereby uplifting and developing the community and its people for a better future.