Mining Division

Stallion Security Mining Division strives to optimise the protection of all assets and staff against undesired acts and threats. The Division provides exceptional levels of protection whilst operating in a manner consistent with high moral and ethical standards, maintaining an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity


Stallion Mining has a reputation of accurately assessing risk and providing an integrated security solution with the aim of controlling risk rather than reacting to it. Expect leadership guides our teams to instinctively manage
surrounding threats so that our clients can go about their business with minimum interruption or disturbance.


All potential Stallion Mining employees are subjected to rigorous background screening and vetting processes and only the most suitable recruits are offered an opportunity to make a career for themselves with a company that is passionate about their people and service the offer.


Special Mining Services


Electronic Integration Solutions & Remote Site Monitoring

Cash Management

Underground Clearing

High Value Logistics

Labour Unrest Mitigation

Specialised Riot Vehicles & Carriers

Undercover Agents

Risk Identification

Investigations & Online Intelligence

Overt & Covert Operations

Special Operations

Monitoring & Armed Response

Truth Verification Testing



In Closing

Stallion Security Mining Division realises that the mining houses require a holistic approach and a fresh outlook when choosing a security service provider who can offer a specialised and customised service. Stallion Mining employs unique strategies to differentiate ourselves in the mining sector.


The 1st is a total security solution tailor made for each of our mining clients, no matter how diverse and complex their needs may be. The 2nd is a bench marked customer service.
A customer-centric philosophy is infused within our entire organisation and is evident in the long standing
successful relationships we enjoy with our clients.


We are confident that we have the expertise and knowledge to add value to your business and welcome the
opportunity to work hand-in-hand with clients who are prepared to enter into a partnership with Stallion Mining.