Pre-employment Vetting

We not believe that an investigation should necessarily be reactive. The process involves the following checks on a
candidate :

  • Employment history validation
  • Reference validation & checking
  • Criminal clearance check, and
  • Credit profile check


We supply the full spectrum of investigations, including :

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Civil Investigations
  • Asset Recovery
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Static, Vehicular & Pedestrian Surveillance
  • Arson Investigations

Corporate Investigations:

We are equipped to counter not just criminal threats, but threats associated with industrial espionage.

The services offered include :

  • Counter Espionage
  • Trademark Protection
  • Trademark Violation


Stallion Investigations has a programme known as Integrated Risk Solutions, which involves all aspects pertaining to the risk that a company is exposed to, including : 

  • Security of Cheques & Signatory List Security Procedures for EFT
  • Cheque Writing Skills and Securing of Company Assets.

Employers will, sooner or later, need to carry out a formal or informal investigation into some aspect of behavior or incident at their workplace. This will be a result of a complaint or allegation about amongst others, an employee’s misconduct, poor performance, incapacity, dishonesty, safety, or health issues. Investigations may also be used to address other issues, such as absenteeism and cultural issues, employment equity, union issues, etc. in the workplace.

In Conclusion
Stallion Investigations monitors and controls a case from beginning to end. This means that should the customer wish to lay a criminal charge against a suspected perpetrator, the police and state prosecutor will receive a full dossier including sworn statements, investigation diary, evidence, and exhibits.

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