Stallion Security has acquired a wealth of experience and understanding of the hospitality sector.
We have a proven track record as a market leader in consistent, superior service delivery.
Our approach to security is based on holistic, integrated solutions and we work closely with our clients to achieve the very best results.
We understand that when it comes to recruiting staff who represent us in the hospitality sector, it is a very different approach and process. We will recruit only the highest caliber and most skilled staff who have a solid track record in hospitality security.

Our officers undergo rigorous training in:

Escorting patrons and employees

Responding to calls

Maintaining order

Completion of reports

Delivering superior customer service

Telephone etiquette

Common courtesy

Privacy and confidentiality

Dealing with various types of incidents and conflict situations

Escalating procedures

Acknowledging customer needs

Public ambassadors

Commitment to a safe hospitality environment is crucial – our strategic planning and implementation process will ensure that we get it right first time.

With Stallion Security as your service provider, you will have a team who are ready and eager to serve and impress.