Creating Confidence


The success of Stallion Security has been based on 2 core principles namely, service excellence and a happy motivated workforce.

These principles have been entrenched in our company from day one and we believe have been instrumental in driving our business to become one of the market leaders of the industry. Our brand promise of creating confidence together with the drive of 100 % accountability 0 excuses, ensures consistent superior levels of service are delivered throughout South Africa.

The Guarding Division has representation in all provinces throughout South-Africa. In 2003, we expanded into Africa and now have fully fledged operations in Namibia. Currently we have a guard force of 8000 officers and we are known in the industry as a company who do not outsource any of our guarding business, nor do we employ independent contractors.

  • Guard to Manager ratio 1:100
  • Rigorous pre-employment vetting & screening
  • Selective polygraphs on our existing staff at our own cost
  • Daily on-site parades
  • Guard bonuses & incentives
  • Stallion Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Creating Confidence Campaign
  • Promotion from within
  • Service Level Agreement with Penalties
  • Low staff turnover
  • Service delivery scorecard with non conformances
  • Baseline risk assessments with ongoing recommendations
  • Ability to deliver an integrated solution
  • Owner driven and managed

Stallion Security has at its heart a disciplined culture and although many security companies in South Africa purport to be running disciplined security To some, the discipline and parades seem somewhat extreme.

It is our experience however, that this is the single most effective means of exercising control over a large force, thereby maintaining the high levels of quality service, that our clients have come to expect.

The intensively managed discipline process, is however softened by a participative management style, a beneficial reward system and various incentive programmes.

This ensures that the relationship with our guard force is a “give-give” relationship. These include the following: Bonus awards, which are awarded to the deserving officer by management.

A promotion from within policy is followed in order to encourage individuals. An open – door management policy, where all management are accessible to their staff; A medical doctor’s scheme, which allows staff members to seek medical advice and assistance at our Wellness Centre; A provident fund, now legislated, has been our practice since 1995, provided to assure essential income in the event of death, disability or retirement.


The majority of our security personnel are paraded and inspected
on site (change to: We believe in on-site parades and inspecting our security personnel)
The following items are inspected to ensure the standard and correctness of the individual being deployed:

    • Full, neat & clean uniform
    • Baton stick
    • Handcuffs
    • Rainwear
    • Pocketbook & pens (red & black)
    • A – Z
    • Watch
    • Identity card
    • Sobriety
    • Ancillary equipment

Attendance checks are done prior to shift change and absent staff are replaced immediately by a trained rostered reliever.


Stallion Security maintains stringent discipline.

Security provides a front-line public relations function and the image projected ensure that the customer experience is always a pleasant one.


Stallion Security demands dedication from all levels of management. We have a very experienced management team which forms the backbone of our operation. Available 24(/7). our management are committed to client satisfaction, and with a Guard (to) Manager ratio of
100 : 1, our levels of service are unsurpassed in the industry.


We reward our personnel for reporting attempted bribery approaches. This initiative encourages the reporting of acts of bribery and the controlled, monitored staging of “colluded” theft.

The bribery incentive value is twice the value of the bribe up to R6 000.00, contributed equally by the client and Stallion Security.

This has resulted in numerous arrests and successful prosecutions of perpetrators. Personnel who advance the mutual interests of both the client and Stallion Security are generously rewarded.


Operational Managers carry bonus voucher books, the focus of which is the immediate issue of a bonus voucher acknowledging exceptional
performance. Vouchers can be taken to the wage clerk who redeems it immediately for cash.  Security officers who excel in the performance of their duties, are rewarded.


Stallion has a strict internal promotion policy. Employees who show commitment, loyalty, competence and ability, have the opportunity and means within the company to advance into management positions. When awarded a new contract, we always look within our current guard force and promote from there, rather than going to the market to fill vacancies. This policy has resulted in staff staying with the company for a number of years – we have an impressive number of guards with 10, 15, 20 and even 25 years’ service to Stallion Security.


Throughout our branches nationally, and also into Sub-Saharan Africa, we are proud that we have successfully maintained our culture of discipline and service excellence.

Our national clientele experience the same standards and levels of customer satisfaction in their outlying branches as they receive in Johannesburg, thereby independently verifying our commitment to excellent service.