This Division was created in 1994 and specialise in services of all facets of protection to estates, complexes,
standalone residential homes, schools and churches where the consumer holds the key to asset and family protection.

We have built a solid foundation of protecting our large client base, making use of both physical and electronic security.

Stallion Domestic identifies risk first, understands the immediate and future needs and plans a security strategy to not only provide a top drawer service but also looks at ways to reduce costs by implementing electronic security solutions.

Replacing some physical security with electronic solutions will enhance your security exponentially and in most cases will reduce your cost.

With an understanding that physical security will always have a major role to play, the advantages of combining the solutions has become paramount. Stallion Domestic is one of the very few companies in South Africa that is able to provide electronic security on a financial plan, where capital outlay is not necessary. Cutting back on costs becomes a lesser burden and when under pressure in a high crime Country, offers more for your buck.

Stallion Domestic will at all times be a first choice provider with brilliant systems, a management ratio to security officer of 50/1 and a dedicated team who will always put you first.

In terms of our overall service delivery options, Stallion Domestic provides the following security services:

Physical Security Officers – Grade C to A

Management services – on site Management

Full electronic solutions

Dedicated vehicles, manned by Reaction Officers

Dedicated alarm monitoring and response

Specialised risk analysis and surveys