Our mission is simple: to partner with and uplift communities and black businesses, thereby creating meaningful social change.

The CSI initiative was implemented within our company to provide opportunities and economic assistance to black South Africans and their small businesses.

We have realised the importance of supporting our own staff in their endeavours and subsequently established the Eco Wash business opportunity in 2015. Eco Wash is an eco-friendly self-sufficient unit and includes all the
necessary elements to ensure premium exterior hand car washes, using biodegradable products that are not harmful to the environment and uses only 300ml of liquid compared to 250 litres used in conventional car washes.

Currently this initiative is headed by a black female Stallion employee and while the company purchases the equipment and consumables she requires to successfully run the business, all proceeds generated goes to her.

Other initiatives we have embarked on:

We identified Magosi Distributors CC as a preferred supplier and we order all our consumables, groceries and supplies from them

We identified Siyaya IT Services as a preferred supplier to maintain and support Stallion’s IT framework and IT systems

 Staff Wellness Days

HIV / TB / testing & counselling

 Counselling on Domestic Violence Abuse

 Learnerships and Skills Development

 Community Improvement Projects – (repairs, installations and upgrades at schools, donations to old age homes who receive no funding from the government, etc)