Crowd Control

Stallion prides itself on the strike teams we have in place and are currently able to deploy our officers anywhere across South Africa. We have a total of 300 accredited and highly skilled members of personnel who are
unequalled in terms of successful operations – none being completed so far without a 100% rating from any client we have serviced.

We have a proven track record in servicing mining, industrial, education, retail and commercial business sectors.
In some cases we have deployed in excess of 200 personnel to deal with the various encountered problems.

Part of our service offering is to provide one or more of the 8 different armoured vehicles we have in our fleet.
Each of these vehicles are fully equipped with a sophisticated camera system, which we operate from inside the vehicle. This provides the client with full footage of the protest action and enables the identification of ringleaders and of course the understanding of the volatility of the situation. The footage can also help in the case of any legal proceedings for or against the client and is an immense advantage during these types of occurrences.

These teams are also highly skilled to deal with the pains of illegal mining. The “Zama Zama” problem many mines are experiencing in modern times are extremely volatile with no illegal miner prepared not to give his life for the financial benefit. The perpetrators to illegal mining are relentless in their cause and they know that if they are
successful, they will be well enriched. That risk for them becomes worthwhile and dealing with them, often
underground, is complicated and dangerous. Our staff are similarly relentless and will continue the fight against illegal mining with passion and they are adequately equipped to deal with these perpetrators.