Special Ops

Special Ops

Whether it is staff protection during periods of industrial unrest, individual protection, a chauffeur and close order protection, or crisis management in the face of an environmental threat to a company, Stallion Special Operations have what it takes to handle the most adverse situations. The strategy is one of diffusion.

Special Ops

Stallion Special Operations was formed in 2007 with an initial business model of providing ad-hoc services to clients requiring investigation
assistance and to provide staffing solutions for VIP clients, strike teams and close protection.

During the time period leading up to current date, this business has exponentially grown into a multi-faceted, highly professional and extremely
experienced Company.

Our provision of service has grown to offer the ad-hoc and permanent placement of labour unrest solutions, highly trained strike teams, investigations, polygraphing, pre-selection criminal screening, VIP protection, illegal mining solutions, sophisticated ARU teams, high value assets in transit and
static protection, blue chip body-guarding and high level security officers.

It is interesting that the levels of expertise in these fields are extremely limited in South Africa. There are currently only around eight companies who are able to aptly provide any of these services to clients within our borders. This is significant if one considers that South Africa has approximately 8000
registered security companies.

We believe there is no current security provider capable of matching our total range of service provision and certainly no current security provider who is able to match our labour unrest and strike team personnel and the management thereof.

We pride ourselves on service delivery and maintaining our 100% record of service excellence.

We are currently a preferred supplier to more than 160 education facilities across the country which include mainly universities and colleges.
This is a great validation to any client wishing to procure our services.

Quick thinking for ultimate safety :

Low-key deployment however, is backed up by high level support and ability to execute. A commanding officer is always on the ground for quick, decisive decision-making.

To date, positive results have been achieved as a result of :

Liaison with our clients regarding the level of response, nature and duration of confrontation;

Our ability for rapid deployment;

Our ability to handle confrontation without compromising physical safety; and

Our  determination to exhaust every avenue of communication.

Excellent performance all the way:

Company assets need to be protected, whether they’re fixed or mobile. Sponsoring an event, where crowd control was problematic for example,
could have an extremely negative effect on a company’s image and bottom-line.

As an extension of public order policing, Stallion Event Management provides a turnkey service, including :

Access control

General crowd control

Safety and security for performers, players

VIPs and attendees crisis management

Emergency exit control

Our strategy is proven and ensures the level of response does not surpass the level of danger. In other words, situations are diffused before being allowed to reach a level where physical safety is compromised.

You request, we deliver professionally!

Access control General crowd control Safety and security for performers, players VIPs and attendees crisis management Emergency exit control