Access Control

Stallion Electronics are providers of revolutionary IP-based access control systems, identity management and
biometric matching technologies. Our offering is an advanced bouquet of innovative products, with a theme of identity management. Each product is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, to provide you with impenetrable business security, access control and unmatched database control in the cloud.

Our solutions are comprehensive, and include important access control features such as anti-pass back
regulations, visitor management, mobile clocking, staff information storage, Time and Attendance and many more features.

Identity Management:

Secure Identity Management (IDM) relies on solutions that can accurately and consistently recognise and confirm the identity of an individual. Identity Management takes place throughout a person’s life. Examples include: birth certificates, national ID documents, driving licences, passports, pension and health cards and ultimately a death certificate. Employment, health, marital and criminal data are all linked to one’s identity. IDM is crucial for the
security of physical facilities, computers and networks – applying the power of Stallion’s Electronic Security
biometric technologies.

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Systems
Card Reading Access Control systems
R/F Tag Reader Access Control Systems
Time and Attendance Systems
Manual and Automated booms
Access Booths and Man traps
Stand-alone Bio/Key/Card Systems
Turnstiles/ Speed Gates
Automated vehicle barriers and Bollards

With the broad term use Access control systems perform authorization identification, authentication, access
approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials including passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, and physical or electronic keys.

Access control systems can also be fully integrated with various other security disciplines, giving our clients a
unified single platform, which allows for improved reporting, information management and greater site
management control. Stallion Electronics is a certified installer and integrator of the world’s best access control systems which includes Gallagher, Turnstar, Kantech, Alltech, Softcon, Impro and Saflec.

Perimeter Protection:

Our perimeter solution consists of a combination of technologies and devices capable of uniting the advantages of the technologies to deliver a fully monitored system. The system could be a combination of dual and strip
infrared beams, an electric fence, monitored automated gate entrances, outdoor dual PIR and microwave
detectors and a CCTV system.

The final link in the system will be a communication device linking the devices to the intrusion alarm panel,
surveillance platform which communicates all related information and images to the Monitoring and Reaction Company and a mobile phone application for the system user.

Alarm Systems:

We ensure that the client is consulted extensively to match their needs with the best product for their application and needs. From the time that one of our consultants assesses your property to the time the installation is
completed, the client will feel that the correct choice had been made.
Stallion makes use of multiple level and zone alarm systems, the more advanced of these systems is able to
integrate to both Access Control and Video CCTV systems.

Service and Maintenance:

Our installations are of the highest standards. Every effort is taken to ensure that the system gives the client years of hassle-free operation. We have maintenance personnel that are on standby 24 hours a day.
Regular preventative inspections are backed-up with a rapid prioritised response if required. A variety of
comprehensive maintenance plans are available for the electronic systems supplied by us.

Quality Control:

A corporate member of SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Service Association), and certified in all products offered and installed, we ensure that the highest standard of equipment and installations are upheld. Employees have system skills & knowledge as we firmly believe training is a key success factor in sustained business growth.