Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Stallion Security's philosophy is that by doing one small thing to better another person’s life, the ripple effect will lead to bigger and more positive change. We believe that by lending a helping hand and uplifting those in need, it enhances and improves our own attitudes and outlook on life.

With the backing and involvement of EXCO, we’ve come to realize that corporate social responsibility is not an optional add on, it is part of our core business practice and has helped us to accomplish and enjoy incredible results.

In the last year we, as a company and a family, have assisted numerous charities and organisations and to us they have all been in their own unique way unforgettable.

By encouraging staff to participate, we have brought about positive change. Sometimes it is not about actual donations - it is simply that there may be a need for giving of ourselves, i.e our time, our effort, our involvement and our assistance, which does not ask for money.

The Social Responsibility Committee meets regularly and embarks on fresh ideas to implement our initiatives that we have taken under our wing. After successfully completing a project, we walk away feeling so inspired by the experience that it motivates us to continue to be involved in helping our communities. This is the true spirit of Stallion!


social responsibility

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