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  Stallion Security is an integral part of any operating philosophy, designed to protect the integrity of the client and people working in their operations. Stallion Security Mining Division’s undertaking is to, optimise the protection of all assets & staff against unreceptive acts.  While people are our principal assets, other important assets such as product, intellectual property and physical property must also be protected. All potential employees are subject to the successful completion of a rigorous background screening. All materials, personnel and effects in product handling areas are subject to search. The Division provides appropriate levels of protection while operating in a manner consistent with high moral and ethical standards, and maintaining an atmosphere in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Our Division has a strong record of accurately assessing risk and providing a security solution to control the risk rather than react to it. Strong leadership guides our professional operators to instinctively and smoothly manage surrounding threats so our clients can go about their business even in the most hostile environments.

Our Mining Division offer the following additional services:

Executive Protection / Personal Security Details

Our experienced and well-trained security operators provide top quality executive protection services and personal security details (PSDs). 

Site Security/Static Security 

Site security, also referred to as static security is an essential element to the successful operation and longevity of almost any facility component in society. 
In the wake of unforeseen events such as theft, power outages and civil unrest, we provides fail safe quick reaction force teams to bring stability and security back into the equation.

Surveillance & Investigations

Stallion Security offers a full staff of surveillance experts with strong military and law enforcement backgrounds.

Armoured Vehicle & Riot Protection Units

We offer armoured vehicle services driven by our experienced vehicle operators & Riot protection teams 

Electronic Access & Detection Systems

The most ideal security solution will typically encompass the combination of many different types of security measures from physical security operators to electronic security systems.

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