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Reaction Services


Stallion Reaction (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1994 and has since this time developed itself into the third largest Armed Response business in Southern Africa. Initially, Trevor Zulberg developed this division and spent over 15 years building, honing and creating an Armed Response business that we consider the benchmark Company in our industry.

During the progression stages of Stallion Reaction, we dedicated ourselves to ensuring that we have sufficient infrastructures in place to cope with the demand of community protection. No longer is it mere housebreakings and we need to be geared to ensure we remain in a position to combat hijackings and other heinous methods being used by perpetrators.

We instituted SWAT teams to back up our Armed Response Officers and to ensure that we respond to no more than 300 clients per vehicle, giving us a great ratio in terms of providing enough vehicles in our areas of operation to be effective against the criminal elements.

At present, the Stallion Reaction Armed Response divisions provide service to clients in Stellenbosch and the greater Gauteng Region, specifically Johannesburg with a future view to move into other areas such as Pretoria and the West Rand. We have maintained our position that we need to fully protect the areas of our existing operations before we move to other areas and in so doing ensure we maintain the high standards we have set.

Dave Sleep took over as the Reaction Division Director in 2010 and continuously focuses on various community protection projects. One of these projects was pioneering the Safety Zone Community Protection Plan. It became increasingly important for us to ensure we were able to give our communities the protection they needed to combat crime. This solution was extensively tested before we took it to our communities and we had massive success in just months, from major monthly crime statistics to zero crime.

The reality is that crime has not subsided and continues to be one of South Africa’s biggest ongoing problems. Consumers have been forced into accepting what is available to them in terms of protection. Armed Response is one of the services that most families have turned to because assistance in times of need in the face of real, suspected or potential crime has become paramount. SAPS cannot cope because of lack of manpower and resources. Poverty is escalating crime with no signs of improvement.

The other issue is the effect that traffic has on getting the Armed Response to the consumer as quickly as possible and over time, response times have steadily deteriorated. The most difficult aspect of responding is that 75% of all activations happen during peak traffic periods. Aligned with various other reasons that slow our responses down such as traffic lights out of order, accidents and weather conditions, it has become more and more difficult to respond to activations in rapid time.

As an Armed Response Company, Stallion Reaction brainstormed on what we, as the community specialist service provider could do to make a difference for people that have families and homes and need to protect their most valuable assets.

The concept we identified is basic, yet effective and with full community support we will transform crime in our residential areas to practically zero.

The concept is designed around a dedicated vehicle to ensure rapid response without the obstacles of traffic and having to drive distances to get to the activation. The recipe had to ensure that our clients would not have to dig deep into their pockets to get this service. We considered what was needed to enhance protection and providing a manned 24/7 safety zone which serves almost like a charge office, together with bicycle patrolling Security Officers to patrol and protect the streets.

The concept is designed specifically around the protection of our communities which no other company has taken the time out to do. We provide this service at the same rate residents currently pay on average for their Armed Response, on a sliding scale according to contributors. There is no better way to protect our communities than with a service consisting of Armed Response, a safety zone and forward thinking, proactive patrolling Security Officers. 

Stallion Reaction has a Technical Division that ensures complete backing for alarm system installations and servicing and we are further enhanced by a state of the art Command Centre equipped to deal with every alarm activation. Our Command Centre, is manned 24/7.

As a holistic service provider, we are able to offer electronic solutions for high and low end consumer requirements.

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