Learning Centre

Learning Centre

Our Training & Development Policy

The policy is crucial to the advancement of our business activities. We ensure that the most competent person is appointed for the job. Priority is given to internal applications for advertised vacancies.

Stallion’s Learning Centre is accredited and registered in terms of the PSIRA Act to educate Grades D - Grade A.

Employee development is of utmost importance to Stallion and consequently employees are encouraged to develop themselves. We believe and have seen that a job could soon become a profession.

Stallion has complied with the Skills Development Act and is an active member of POLSEC SETA. The Training Centres have developed a workplace skills plan, which affords our training establishment direction and guidance in terms of our training programs offered.

It is Company policy to gainfully employ only graduates of the Learning Centre and only the leading students (average pass of 95 %, Grades D – Grade C) from each intake. As a decree, we assess training ability, short and long term memory, literacy skills, comprehension, language and mathematical competence.

After the exam, the potential recruits write a pre-employment questionnaire which requires a pass rate of at least 75% after which they become Stallion Inductees and undergo a 21 day intensive induction training program.

The Induction programme focuses on the following:

  • Stallion Culture & Policies and Procedures
  • Staff benefits & incentives
  • Theoretical & practical training
  • Parades & fitness tests
  • IDECO checks
  • Pay slips & Document Training
  • Introduction to Provident Fund & Nurse/Doctor Plan
  • Radio Communication & Equipment Training
  • Firearm Training
  • Medicals & Induction (Site Specific)
  • Specialized Equipment Training (Site Specific)
  • Riot & Tactical Intervention Training (Site Specific)
  • A-Z Code of Conduct

After successful completion of the induction program, there is an induction exam which also requires a 75% pass rate. Once passed, the new recruits attend pre-selection which takes place on a Friday and then, finally, the journey to a career, where the sky is the limit, is underway. Additional training components include Safety, Health & Environmental aspects, Telephone etiquette, HIV/Aids awareness, KPI’s and PRO, to mention but a few.

As all sites are different, the ideal KPI’s for each post will be determined when meeting with the client and forms part of the approved Job Description, used when training the security officers initially and on an ongoing basis. Post specific training takes place on a regular basis and completed training registers are kept in the site file for one month, after which the registers are filed in the on-site archive box. The client may peruse the Site Training File for peace of mind that refresher training is taking place on a regular basis.

The Site File contains the following documentation:

  • The approved Job Description, as signed off by the client
  • An inventory list
  • Training schedules for the security officers designated for the specific site
  • Leave forms, loan application forms, grievance forms.

Promotion from Within:

We practice a strict internal promotion policy and when deserving, recognition is given in the form of promotions and gives opportunities to grow into managerial positions. The policy provides supervisory and managerial staff with a proven track record, resulting in these success stories:


Patrick Bhebhe (Grade E, 1995).  His unquestionable commitment has led to numerous promotions and he now holds the position of General Manager in Stallion Security.  


Abednego Khumalo (Grade E, 1999).  His leadership qualities were identified and was earmarked for development.  His success as a Field Manager led to a promotion that today sees Abednego as an Area Manager with excellent client relationships and impressive commendations received on a regular basis. 


Zenzele Ndebele (Grade E, 1993).  His administrative skills were identified and developed and he was promoted to the position of HR Filing Clerk and in time has grown into the position of Industrial Relations Manager and a very successful one as that. 


Memory Malinga (Grade E, 1998) she proved her worth as a responsible leader.  Memory moved through the ranks and was selected as a suitable candidate for a vacancy as a Site Manager at a high profile client.  Doing a tremendous job and scoring above average on security audits, the client was informed of our plan to move Memory into Operations, but not wanting to lose her but also not wanting to stand in her way of a well-deserved promotion, the client decided to have her promoted to Contracts Manager for their two sites, with a lucrative increase in her salary.


Sibusiso Mazibuko (Grade E, 1998(.  Sibusiso is always referred to as the ‘little boy’ in Guarding Operations but has a very special place in our hearts.  He is courteous, well mannered, well-spoken and extremely passionate about Stallion.  He is absolutely excellent and his clients speak very highly of him.  Sibusiso has worked his way up in the company and today boasts several promotions with another one on the horizon.    


Dumisani Tshabalala (Grade E, 1993).  Dumisani became a Stallion Security officer in 1993 and it did not take long to realize that we have a star in Dumisani.  After moving through the different ranks, Dumisani decided that his passion is training and joined the Learning Centre as a salaried employee.  Dumisani is our Training Manager for new recruits and can manage the Learning Centre single-handedly in the absence of the Learning Centre GM. 

This policy provides our personnel with a vision and achievable dream for the future and us with a dedicated, committed ground force. This has a direct and positive impact on our clients, as the commitment of which we speak is manifested in our performance on site.

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