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Undercover Services

Stallion provides a large range of intelligent security solutions, applying methods and investigations geared towards ensuring safe and secure business environments. We have developed ways to infiltrate a specific business unit and constructively define weak points involved, giving management the opportunity to react offensively rather than defensively, prior to problems materialising.

Our Pro-Active undercover solution is based on analysing information, identifying problematic areas, and building possible resolutions before they materialise.


When compared to the traditional approach:



What makes us Unique

This process on reporting and intelligence gathering - as tricky as it may seem - is possible through training, management, integrity, technology and client specific objectives.

Training and Vetting

The integration of these factors into everyday intelligence operatives is imperative. Established in 1992, our business has effectively designed a unique training and vetting process, which results in the deployment of the highest quality operatives.

Management by objectives

Management teams update the operative on a daily basis, ensuring clients objectives are addressed attentively and diligently. We utilize measurement tools such as the Meerkat system, which allows each client to log in, and attain detailed analysis on current issues within their business, comment and judge our service delivery. Reports are stored on our Meerkat online data facility and access is granted via a user name and password.


We understand the importance of trust between the client and the contractor. The responsibility is undertaken in a manner that eliminates risk and promotes wellbeing. We encourage accountability and objective driven goals, which has resulted in exponential growth.

Dealing with businesses that have stood the test of time, provides a client with secure, clear cut solutions.

Experience in the market place speaks volumes for security businesses, because not only will they definitely add value to your entity, but in addition, pre planning and exposure to evolving criminal activity and labour activity provides the client with the peace of mind that we have covered all the bases.


As in any particular employment role, tools are required to ensure all runs as per your job specification. As our technological world continues to evolve, so too gadgets and tools evolve. Tools are industry specific, and therefore your operative will be geared out in industry specific tech.

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