Pay It Forward

There is a quote which says, “You may be only one person in this world, but to one person at one time, you are the world.” (Anonymous)

At times in your life, your random acts of kindness can, at that stage in their lives, mean the world to the people to whom you show your kindness.

The campaign is primarily there to help and assist strangers and not family and friends as we would perform these acts of kindness towards friends and family without much thought.

Pay it Forward is a goodwill campaign based on the film of the same name released exactly 15 years ago. It is a campaign designed to sow kindness into society on an on-going and ever increasing basis, like ripples in a pond. It could be described as a way of attempting to create a culture of kindness in our modern day society. The objective of the campaign is to encourage people to actively look for opportunities to show random acts of kindness to total strangers and then act when these opportunities present themselves. The secret being that they must expect nothing in return for, nor to be paid back for, the act of kindness that they show. Rather, they expect the recipients of their acts of kindness to show future acts of kindness to others – thus they are paying it forward.

These acts of kindness will naturally cost you something - but need not be a financial cost. The cost could be time, effort, a sacrifice of some kind, financial or just pure kindness. The acts of kindness do not need not to be earth-shattering, they must just really mean something to that person at that particular time in that particular circumstance and should be something that the other person cannot complete or do for themselves. The campaign by its very nature is based on magnanimity.


How it works:          


The campaign is not one to be used as a vehicle for people to ask for help but rather for people to show random acts of kindness to total strangers.  To encourage this, and to keep it foremost in one’s mind, Stallion Security has had a number of rubber “Pay it Forward” bracelets made which are worn visibly every day. The person wearing it then looks for opportunities to pass it on to someone else by first showing them an act of kindness. When that person says “Thank you”, the bracelet is then removed and passed on to that person and the principle of “Pay it Forward” explained to them and they are requested to do the same for someone else.

The bracelets are not necessary for the campaign to be successful but they do provide an ever present reminder of the principle of “Paying it Forward” and to constantly look out for opportunities to pass it on. 


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