Staff Wellness

Staff Wellness

Human Resources - We channel ongoing development...

“Stallions’ HR Division is a fully fledged Shared Services business entity. It proves a service from a centralised operation to its decentralised Stallion client-base throughout South and Sub-Sahara Africa. It consists of the following key departments, each headed by its own respective General Manager: HR, Industrial Relations (IR), Wellness Centre and a Learning Centre. The team that provides this service to its client base consist of professionals ranging from an admitted Attorney to a number of Industrial Psychologists. This ensures the implementation of world-class Best Practices in every domain of the employee life-cycle by specialists that are renowned for their knowledge and experience in the field of HR.

The HR division furthermore delivers its services and manage its operations with the assistance of one of South Africa leading HR ERP systems: Premier HR from the Softline VIP suite (Sage plc.). This ensures the integration of all HR-related information and the dissemination of statistics and reporting to the branches in a real-time framework. The key strategic drivers of the HR Division are the acquisition of high potential employees, their development through innovative development programmes and initiatives as well as a range retention initiatives. In the HR Division the finding and placement of the right candidate in the right place is an on-going process (in line with Jim Collins’ Good to Great philosophy).

Stallion ascribes to its HR Division the strategic role that it strives to fulfil on a continuous basis. It participates in the active management of HR and business processes to ensure that Stallion attains the Employer of Choice status amongst existing and future prospective employees. Climate Surveys and programmes to deliver on employee requests are annual processes to drive the Employer of Choice process. Stallion’s HR division is united in it’s believe that the right person in the right position is its competitive edge and its most important asset.”

Virtual Graffiti Wall via SMS:

We have a dedicated sms number and line for our security officers, especially the officers who do self-posting and officers in our regional branches.  The number and line is used to send through any queries or complaints and a HR representative forwards the details to the relevant line manager who is responsible for solving the query and supplying a satisfactory answer to the officer concerned.  

Nurse & Doctor Plan:

Absenteeism costs our country millions of Rand each year but medical aid is simply not affordable. Our officers have access to our Company Nurses. Sisters Sue and Cindy issue generic medication and when a case is more serious the personnel are referred to a panel of Doctors who are contracted to Stallion.

Bonus Incentives:

Managers carry bonus voucher books and issue bonuses to security officers to acknowledge exceptional performance of their duties. Vouchers can either be redeemed for cash at the office, or be paid out with the next salary run.

Guard of the Month:

We run a regional Security Officer of the month incentive and this is just another opportunity for our staff to be singled out as star achievers and receive not only a cash bonus but also a certificate of recognition.

Creating Confidence Campaign:

We have introduced a Creating Confidence Campaign that allows Officers to Receive 5 Creating Confidence stickers based on good work performance.

The first badge is the bronze Innovative- badge (R50) and the security officer needs to earn an additional 5 stickers after which he/she can earn the silver Consistent- badge (R75).

The next badge to qualify for is the gold Dedicated- badge (R100) and finally the platinum Superior badge (R125).

After receiving all of the above badges, the much sought after Creating Confidence   badge will be awarded (R150).

The recipients of this ultimate badge become members of the Creating Confidence Club and are invited to attend certain company functions as guests of honour.

Long Service Award Function:

This once-a-year function is a celebration where security officers receive recognition in the form of a certificate and a gift – acknowledging their 10/15/20 years’ service as a valued employees in Stallion Security. The function is our way of saying ‘thank you’ and our directors and senior management are present to thank and congratulate the staff.

Annual Bravery Awards:

Stallion Security believes in giving recognition to security officers who, during the course of their daily activities, go beyond the call of duty and when it comes to acts of bravery resulting in lives being saved, we nominate these worthy officers to PSIRA for the Annual Bravery Awards.

An appointed PSIRA committee receives and evaluates all the nominations submitted during the course of the year and based on certain criteria including the nature of the act, the committee will award Bronze, Silver and/or Gold Bravery Awards. Each level consists of a winner, a 1st runner-up and a 2nd runner-up.

Nominated officers receive an invitation to attend the Annual Bravery Awards Ceremony where details of the specific act of bravery is made known and the winners as well as the runners-up are announced.

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