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Yvette Isaacs

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Yvette Isaacs joined Stallion Security in 2003. Her position at the time was a receptionist and the frontline image of our company. From the word go, Yvette’s positivity and friendly manner stole the heart of every staff member.

As time went by, Yvette increasingly showed excellent professionalism, commitment, and passion. Stallion as a company believes in placing the right people in the right seats, and therefore we felt Yvette would be the perfect candidate for the position of tender co-ordinator within the Guarding sales department.

The position involves collating tender information, attending tender briefing sessions and compiling the actual tenders. No easy task if you take into consideration that she could be working on 3 – 5 tenders at any given time.


Yvette officially started in her new role 2 months ago and is loving every minute of it. Superb work has been done thus far and is recognized by senior management.



Mrs Yvette Isaacs

Tender Co-ordinator

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